Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Website Coming

Hi all.  I've been looking around at some good web hosting companies to get an actual site up and running.  If I end up getting one of the jobs I have lined up, they wouldn't start until April 1st, so that leaves me with over a month with nothing to do.  I figured I could devote the time to setting up a website and some better galleries to showcase more pictures.

Like I mentioned in an older post, I've been using Apple's MobileMe for my web gallery and the trial period is almost up.  Not worth it for me to keep using it so I'm going to get rid of the account in a couple days, before they start charging me for it.  I figured I can pay for a few months of hosting service and see how that goes rather than cough up 100 bucks for a MobileMe service which I wont really use.  Personally, I think they're online galleries suck anyways.

The picture above was taken on a walk at Kingman Farm.  I really like the sense of drama the clouds add to the photo.  100 ISO, 18mm,  f/18 at 1/10 sec.


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