Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

Man was it nice out today or what?  The weather helped to offset the negative vibrations I received this morning from my trip to the unemployment office.  That was quite degrading.  I even ended up dressing the part since my gym was right across the street.  I figured I would skip right over after filing my claim so I showed up in sweat pants and sneakers.  Still had bed-head too since I hadn't showered yet.  Real classy indeed.

Anyways....the rest of the morning was spectacular.  I took a nice long walk over at Kingman Farm and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine.  Managed to snag a couple nice shots while I was out there too.  I was hoping I would see some kind of wildlife while I was out there, but no dice.  Don't know where all the fury critters were, but they sure missed out on some spectacular weather.

Anyways.  Gotta run meet my sister and then head to the lady's place for the night.  Catch you all laters.


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