Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where the F*%# Have I Been?!!?

Well...quite busy actually. Things are just starting to wind down now at work. THe last three weeks or so have been quite hectic and have seriously given me second thoughts on whether I'll want to be doing the whole office thing much longer. Just getting real sick of being stuck in front of a computer screen all day. All the more reason to keep the photography thing going full steam.

Some photo news in my world below, as well as some of the pics I've taken over the last few weeks. More to come...

- Have been asked to be the photographer for the breast cancer walk in Dover this October. Will be nice to volunteer my time as well was promote myself a little bit. Gotta get on some business cards.

- Was asked by an old co-worker if I would be up shooting her wedding next summer. Still have to get back to her on that actually. I'll end up saying yes and at the same time strongly recommending she hire a professional while I do it for free. Will be cool to see how it goes though. Will be a real test.

- Asked by a friend if I'd be willing to take some head-shots for her. She's an aspiring actress and I'm an aspiring photog so it's a good professional match I think. Can't wait to help her out while getting some good experience and hopefully, finger's crossed, some nice additions to my portfolio.

I'll be sure to keep all my readers (are there any of you??) updated in the coming months.

Time for a picture dump. These two shots were my submissions for the Portsmouth photowalk. Yucky day but got some good shots.

These next two shots were some test pics I took with my new 70-200 lens. Some sexy glass my friends.

Took this shot in Newburyport with Sara. Spent the day on Plum Island at the wildlife refuge. What a day.

These two shots are from Odiorne Point but on two separate occasions.

Well that's all for me. More to come soon comrades. Stay classy.