Wednesday, February 18, 2009

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Time to talk about one of my new favorite things in photography. High Dynamic Range or HDR. This shot I just took a couple hours ago came out pretty cool, but would you believe that it's actually 3 of the same photo merged together? That is pretty much what HDR is.

I took three pictures of the same scene, with each one exposing the detail in a different part of the landscape. First, I took a shot that brought the details out in the sky, then another to pick up the detail in the mid-tone areas, and finally a shot to grab the details in the shadows and trees. Using an application called Photomatix, I merged all three files together and defined the contrast strength for the three pictures. The software pretty much does the rest for me. Once I export the final image, I load it into Lightroom and then to Photoshop to fine tune some details.

I should have waited till dusk to grab this shot. I'm sure it would have lookwd a lot better, but I dont have a job right now so I honestly don't have much to do in my free time. Maybe I'll go out again tomorrow to try and get a better one.

Stay classy.

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