Monday, February 9, 2009

Adam's Point

Made my way out to Adam's Point this morning in hopes of grabbing some cool sunrise shots over the Great Bay...and boy did I ever.  The pic above was taken at about 6:15 this morning just as the sun was starting to creep over the eastern horizon.  It was about 15 degrees so I didn't stay out for too too long, but I was able to snap off a few nice shots of the sunrise.  I'll be sure to upload them to my gallery once I put them all through post production. said that the sunrise was due at 4:59 this morning.  Liars.  I was out there at 4:45 this and the sky didn't begin to light up till almost 6.  I will definitely be hitting the sack early tonight.

The sun might also be rising on my job search too.  Interview tomorrow afternoon for a database position.  Would be a moderate pay cut, but at least they'll pay for the rest of my MBA.  In times like these, any pay check will do just fine though.  Wish me luck.


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