Monday, February 16, 2009

Discin' at Dusk

Met up with my buddy Ryan over at Bellamy Park for a little disc golf action late this afternoon.  The sun was just going down and the light was perfect so I got some nice shots of Ryan and the course.  Haven't finished processing the pictures of Ryan yet, but this shot was taken at the end of the day and I think it might be one of my favorites.  Probably gonna head back there tomorrow before class, and try to get a couple more shots of the river that runs through the course.

If you've checked out my gallery using the link provided at the right, you've noticed I've been using the gallery provided with my Apple MobileMe account.  It's not bad, but I think I can do better myself with a separate web host and save some money too.  I'm nearing the end of the 60 day trial for the MobileMe service and to be honest with you, I don't find myself using the other features aside from the gallery.  Doesn't make much sense to keep it, so I'll be doing away with my current web gallery and starting over.  So enjoy the photos while they're still posted.

Well it's bedtime for me.  Night all.

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