Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sports Break

Had my fantasy draft last night and I must say I'm quite impressed with how my team looks this year.  Decided to go a bit more on pitching this year with some stable players in the rest of the line up.  Here's who I picked up..

C - Bengie Molina
1B - Justin Morneau
2B - Alexei Ramirez
3B - Aramis Ramirez
SS - Jimmy Rollins
LF - Johnny Damon
CF - Jayson Werth
RF - Magglio Ordomez
DH - Carlos Pena
Bench - Adrian Beltre
Bench - Milton Bradley
Bench - Kelly Johnson

SP - Johan Santana
SP - Roy Halladay
SP - Carlos Zambrano
SP - Ted Lilly
SP - Zack Greinke
RP - Brad Lidge
RP - Jose Valverde

I'm feeling it this year...

Look out...

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