Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Job, No Time

Been a while since the last post. Been a while since I've been out shooting too. I can already feel the effects of a 40 hour work week and I've only been back to work for 3 days. This coming week will be my first full week at the new job and I already miss being unemployed. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have a paycheck again, but damn, where does the time go? I can no longer put things off by saying "ahhh....I'll just do it tomorrow." I actually have to schedule things out on my time off, which is no fun.

The reason why I haven't been shooting as much is because I don't really have much to shoot. I'm getting annoyed by shooting the same old scenes so I need to switch some things up a bit. I also want to pick up some lighting gear so I can dip my feet in the portrait pool. At some point I'll need to start building a portfolio of sorts so I might enlist some people for help. You get a free portrait session and I get the experience and possible portfolio addition. Great deal no?

I've been considering upgrading my camera too to either a D90 or the new D400 which might be announced in a couple weeks. If you're interested I'd be willing to sell my D60 and its 18-55 kit lens for $450. This also includes a battery and a charger. I would also throw in a memory card, UV filter, and a polarizer at no additional cost. Leave a comment if your interested, otherwise, it will be making its appearance on Craig's List shortly. Here's a link to the camera at B&H so you can see the specs. Its only 3 months old and in great condition.

That's all for me today. Got some grocery shopping to do for the week ahead. Cheers.

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